Proof the Media is covering up the Las Vegas Shooting!

Story By Jezebel Fonteyn 10-4-2017

I have live footage of the shooters right here on video shooting off the 4th floor and not the 32nd floor like the MSM is telling you. So why is the MSM covering this up? I would have to say it is because the government is involved in this shooting! Here is the video that proves they are lying. We have an I witness from Australia that says there were multiable shooters.

(video shows gunfire originating from the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, much lower than the 32nd floor, where the mainstream media is claiming Stephen Paddock, a “lone wolf”, fired on the crowd using an automatic weapon.) Note: How his brother say’s he bought the machine guns, he did it? Then says he has never fired a weapon before? So this one guy at 64 years old kills 59 people and wounds 500? He has no real experience with a gun? Then we have a Australian man who say’s there were multiable shooters. For one person to kill 59 people and wound 500, he has to be someone with a lot of training. Not some old 64 year old guy who looks like he was out having a good time in Vegas with no training for any of the things he has supposedly done.

An Australian man who was staying in the room next to the shooter in the Mandalay Bay has confirmed he witnessed multiple gunmen involved in the Las Vegas attack.

“There were multiple people dead and multiple shooters. I was just hiding waiting for police to come get us. I got outside safely and was hiding in bushes,” Brian Hodge told Australia’s Courier-Mail.

Mr. Hodge, who was staying in room 32134, next door to Stephen Paddock in room 32135, also provided important information when he revealed that a security guard was killed by police.

“My floor is a crime scene. They killed a security guard on my floor.”

Who was the “security guard” who was killed by police?

Wendy Miller from Cooroy, on the Sunshine Coast – another Australian caught up in the Las Vegas shooting – may have provided a missing piece of the puzzle. Also speaking to the Courier-Mail, Ms Miller said she was at a bar in the nearby Luxor Hotel with her husband when she saw what she described as a “man of interest” run by.

Ms Miller said the man sprinted through her hotel after coming off an escalator from the Mandalay Bay.

“The man that they [security] were chasing was wearing a security jacket like them,” she said.

Mr Hodge’s eyewitness report of multiple gunmen and a dead security guard, and with Ms Miller’s report of a security guard being chased by authorities, suggest that the mainstream media narrative of the “lone wolf” gunman is not the truth.

The fact is that this was an orchestrated, co-ordinated attack by multiple conspirators, and the mainstream media are attempting to cover it up.

Two explosive videos provided to Your News Wire have also confirmed there were multiple shooters involved in a co-ordinated attack, and the mainstream media of a “lone wolf” gunman operating without a motive is a lie.

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