Planet X Nibiru Gets Closer “Fact or Fiction”?

Story by Jezebel Fonteyn, September 19th, 2017

Planet X Nibiru is supposed to hit on September 23, 2017. Is this fact or fiction? Are we all going to die in 4 days? The Video for this says they have known about this phenomenon since the 1950’s. When in 1961 it was on the front cover of popular science. So the question is if this real why has the US government not told the people about it? Why would they hide the truth if this is real? Lets take a closer look at this story and see if we can find the truth before it is to late.

So my questions in writing this story is this just another Y2K, or end of the Mayan calendar predictions? Both of those stories where both just hoaxes trying to scare people. Is this just another bullshit story trying to scare people? Fake news? Or is there any truth to the Planet X, Nibiru story? This story dates back to the 1930’s and has been in news stories for almost 80 years now. I have looked for the issue of Popular Science in 1961 and can not find that issue anywhere? Here is a story by Science Digest from November 1982 that I could find.

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Here is another story by “Before it was news” Friday, September 4, 2015 that I found very interesting.

does not look good. At the end I will leave a link of information from CIA agents who watched Niburu for years. You will have to decide if he is being honest or not. Now in 1991 before Robert Harrison was murdered he met with Mr Sitchen who in my mind is/was a Mosad agent that’s why they planted 100 trees at his grave.

Now the CIA agents said that it was on it’s way and was millions of degrees and followed by trillions of 70 and 80 lb. meteors. Which he called space dust. I would call it flying death I don’t know about you but we have few places to hide. Many questions come up like where did all the homeless people go. I think they are being taken care of, sort of like practice.. The two main people talking about planet X are Bob Foster and Marshall masters. Neither are really qualified. Now if you want to know why you never hear anything about this from an astronomer is because they know they will be dead in 2 weeks. Or of course you listen to Sheldin Nidle who has been spewing his nonsense for at least 6 years. So don’t worry Salusa won’t let anything happen to us. Perhaps Nancy Leider who said Planet X would be here in 2012.

But don’t worry the aliens will come and save us. They will fill up the spaceships and whisk us off to another planet in another solar system. We have been fed a line of B S for years. You tell me that they send up telescopes to get a look and when they find it they come back and say geezzze something went wrong. So the Pope builds Lucifer so he can see for himself, but he’s like I got our tickets to the underground bunkers, well maybe he got his mine must have just got lost in the mail with the move and everything. Then the President signs an Executive Order that for the most part makes everyone an enemy of the state and subject to death. Tell me why do you think Donald Rumsfeld lost 2.3 trillion dollars and announced it on 9/10. They needed the money for the underground bases. Why did we have a shortage of medicine last year? This may be a stretch but you need lots of drugs to sustain all the people in 103 underground bunkers for 10 years. But of course the seed vault should have been a clue.

Oh, by the way Rumsfeld’s 2.3 trillion turned out to be closer to 9 trillion of your money . You know we have lots of bankers and very crooked politicians to take care of for ten years while we are on the surface and turned into something that looks like it just came off the barbe. And of course they can’t tell anyone because if 80% of the population lives at the ocean we would see an awful lot of homes up for sale and the bankers would rather us say hay marge what’s that big red thing in the sky with wings and before you get to answer your a pile of ashes on the lounge chair. You see that’s what happens when something as hot as the sun comes within 1/2 the distance of what the sun is now. Oh I am sorry I forgot Gil Broussard who has been watching Planet X and his only problem is that he thinks it comes around every 360 years and Sitchen thought the orbit is 3,600 years. The bad news is we are here now and it’s funny but all the very rich are leaving the country. I bet by the end of the year you won’t find a bankster with the help of Sherlock Holmes.

Why in the world do you think the Governments around the world are all going broke NOW. I’ll tell you because all the thieves that run the countries are taking every last dime they can suck out of the system because they now they will be underground for 20 years and and most of the people they stole the money from will be the dearly departed. We have been so played. They have a reason for every person that has an outside savior myth to trust them. We have Jesus to pray to he will save us. Oh our vibration will be high enough to be taken to a new planet where only good people live. The aliens will shuffle us into one of the 2 mile long space craft they have and whisk us off to safety. I would start digging now or call in a backhoe because the only way your going to avoid the space dust, which you have to laugh, I don’t consider a 70 lb chunk of Iron dust.

So the latest news is that Planet X will peek out from behind the moon in December and pass earth in March. Lock onto the Atlantic rift cause a pole shift kill 80% of the population and within days the people that are still here will become victims of gangs.

Military bases will be broken into and if visible so will your underground bunker. Food will not grow. One other thing a disc was found I believe in Italy that has every detail as do the writing of the Chinese. I know people will probably get pissed off at my tone. I did my research. Spared the pictures that everyone has already seen and could do by memory. But what else can we do. I would rather know than not. At least I can call a backhoe, dig a 20 foot pit and put a circular tube in it and not pay $200,000 if I could find a person to do it at this point I would say they are busy. The rules 3 miles from the ocean, 3,000 feet above sea level and 3 miles from any volcano and 20 feet underground. God Bess us All.

The bottom line is this! I want to call straight up bullshit on this story! I want to say that there is no possible way that this story can be true. I look up at the sky all the time and I have never seen no huge red planet before. Although at the same time as sketchy as this story may be there are a lot of news stories out there on it. Which does not make the story true, but at the same time does not make it false either. Then you have to look at NASA, and the US Government which are both liars and can not be trusted. Another thing about the Planet X story is how do they know for a fact that this going to happen on September 23rd, 2017? That is pretty far out all on it’s own. Then we have all these hurricanes and natural disasters popping up and hitting Florida and Texas, and like 5 more of them still coming. I guess the next 4 days will tell all? Sign in and comment and tell me what you think? Below I will post some links for this story dating back years ago by some credible news sources.

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