Clinton, Podesta, And Hollywood Tamper With Electoral College Seeking To Invalidate President-elect Trump’s Win

It is a sad state of affairs for America’s democracy. Patriots are watching in shock as the Clinton Camp tampers with the electoral college.

Dozens of celebrities including Lady Gaga, Rosie Perez, Amanda Seyfried and Marg Helgenberger and Pink have added their names to a long-shot movement under way to legally deny Donald Trump the presidency. Three days after the election, they and more than 2.7 million Americans have signed a petition calling on Republican electors to switch their votes and make Hillary Clinton president.

by Pamela Williams

It is a sad state of affairs for America’s democracy.  Patriots are watching in shock as the Clinton Camp tampers with the electoral college.  What pressure these people are under, as they are harassed by those who straight out have no respect for the vote of the American people.  I am certainly no expert, but how can it be legal to tamper with the electoral college?  How can this be happening in America?
Clinton and her followers have actually managed to invalidate the sanctity of the voting process.  It is done, and there is no turning back. The United States has always defended the voting process in less than civilized countries, maintaining the integrity of a working democracy.  Now it is the US democracy in need of defense.  Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we seek to deceive, as Hillary Clinton has done.  She has no pride nor integrity, and she has proven she does not love her Country, as America pays the price for her sins.
I have found several articles explaining what is happening within the electoral college, and it seems there are differing theories.  To begin with the notorious John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, is backing a bid to overturn the electoral vote.  His hope is that members of the Electoral College will be made privy to the secret findings of the intelligence community about Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.
We see the word “secret” over and over again concerning the findings of the Intelligence community about Russian interference in the 2016 election.  But now the GOP is demanding to see the evidence to back up these “secret” findings.  I, myself, do not believe the evidence is there, and I think the Intelligence community is sweating it right now.
The hope of Clinton and her tearful followers is that the information would cause red-state electors to break from the popular vote in their states.
No one but the Dems have suggested that there was any interference in the election by the Kremlin. Further, there is no credible reason to believe that Russia messed with any ballots, rigged any vote totals, or anything of the like. However, we do have to deal with the “secret” unsubstantiated CIA report, and that time is coming soon. I believe that the hacks have been pulled off by an inside source within the Intelligence community who simply could not forgive Clinton for leaking classified information that has put agents in danger.  There is alleged information that this resulted in the deaths of exposed agents.  End of my commentary.

  In his statement, Podesta complained that despite the Clinton campaign’s “protestations, this matter did not receive the attention it deserved by the media.” That would be a novel standard for the government to use when risking prejudicing the views of the members of the Electoral College: Damaging topics to one candidate lacked sufficient media coverage.

We had a couple calls yesterday, one in particular that I remember from a guy who wanted to know if I thought the effort to not vote for Trump by the Electoral College would succeed.  As you know, the left has mounted a couple of different efforts.  They are intimidating electors. They’re sending them emails, they’re phoning them, they’re bullying them, they’re threatening them to change their vote from Trump to Hillary.

It is unprecedented.  It has not happened before.  Electors have had some pressure before every election, but it’s nothing like this.  We had a caller yesterday ask me if I thought they could possibly succeed.  And I’ll tell you what I told him.  I called a bunch of experts on this, a bunch of people I trust and to a man, to a woman, they all pooh-poohed this, there’s no way it can happen.  There’s no way.  The laws are the laws and the electors have to follow the laws in many of these states.And then I said, “That’s not good enough for me.  I think if you think this can’t happen, you still, still do not understand who we’re up against here.”  So I said, “Would you please look at this and tell me, if it does happen, how?”  And this is what they told me.  The best analysis of the possibility here that I got is this, that, as currently believed, there aren’t enough electors who could legally change their votes to get Hillary to 270 electoral votes. However, an analysis shows that it is possible that some electors could be forced to change their votes and deny Trump from getting to 270 as well. And if that were to happen, the presidency would then go to the House of Representatives.  They would decide it.  Since the Republicans control the House of Representatives now and once the next term starts, then Trump would be elected.  So I don’t think anything is going to change the result, but that doesn’t mean their effort isn’t gonna continue.

Although it’s allowed under the Constitution, the “Hail Mary” effort has little to no chance of succeeding because actually turning the votes of electors probably is more firmly rooted in fantasy. Still, the effort to keep Trump out of the White House is more evidence of the growing dissatisfaction with the election’s outcome. And though

The former Apprentice star won the majority of electors, even though Clinton appears to have won the popular vote, but his election won’t be official until December 19, when the Electoral College meets in each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C., to cast their votes for president and vice president.

And it doesn’t matter that Clinton has conceded or that President Obama already has met in the White House to congratulate President-elect Trump. The electors still will meet in state capitals all across the country in five weeks to confirm or overturn  the voters’ decision. And if 38 Republican electors change their votes, Clinton would be president-elect.

“On December 19, the electors of the Electoral College will cast their ballots,”
the petition states. “If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win. However, they can vote for Hillary Clinton if they choose. We are calling on the electors to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton.”

Long derided as an archaic and undemocratic 18th-century throwback, the Electoral College was designed for an election just such as this: a last-chance check-and-balance to undo a vote in which the people might have made elected a popular but unqualified demagogue who threatened to lock up his political opponent.

Unlike Brexit, where the British people weren’t given a second chance to reconsider what they’d done, the Electoral College was designed by the Founding Fathers as a last chance do-over —  a second election to make sure the first one wasn’t a gigantic mistake.

Before Donald Trump’s stunning victory on November 8, liberals called for acceptance of election results. But since the election didn’t go as they’d planned, some have taken to harassing and intimidating electors in an attempt to change the election results. Some of these threats may violate federal law, yet the Justice Department acts strangely uninterested in investigating.

Following the election, a coalition of liberal activist groups launched #NotMyPresident Alliance, an organization dedicated to fighting the inauguration of President-elect Trump. As part of that effort, #NotMyPresident distributed personal contact information — including telephone numbers and addresses — of electors in states that voted Republican. According to Buzzfeed, Maddie Deming, a strategist for the group, said they wanted to put electors in the spotlight and “to hold them accountable for their decision.” Whatever the intent, the initiative has produced a deluge of threats. Electors across the country report receiving not only a flood of emails and phone calls to change their vote to Hillary Clinton but death threats as well. Alex Kim, a Texas Republican elector, reported that he and other electors had “receiv[ed] thousands of emails a day” urging them to vote for Clinton, including threats of harm and death. Arizona’s electors have reported harassment as well. Michael Banerian, a Michigan GOP elector, received some of the most extreme threats according to The Detroit News. One email, Banerian said, talked about “shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out.” Another told him to “do society a favor and throw yourself in front of a bus.” In Georgia and Idaho, the threats have been so extreme that the secretaries of state both released statements calling for the harassment to end. But the federal law enforcement agency that should be acting to stop these threats — the U.S. Department of Justice — has not done a thing.


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