U.N. NATO New World Order

“If the breakdown in NATO is destined to avail an opportunity to curtail the Yankee Hyperpower, the alternative need not be the formation of another suspect alliance. It is not unpatriotic to advocate the wisdom in an America First policy. NATO doesn’t secure or advance our country, but only provides the military command and enforcement that imposes the will of global masters. Resistance and opposition against an independent EU rapid defense force will not come from the nations of Europe, but from the elites that control the mechanisms of global power. NATO is one of their tools. Alliances are one of their methods. And suppression of viable self-determination is their cherished goal.”


For many people around the world, when it comes to one organization established for keeping the world peace, they think of the United Nations. Established right after the conclusion of World War II, the UN has been a key element in some of the most important post-war policies including the reformation of the state of Israel.

Unfortunately, the world has changed since the early days of the United Nations, and today, the UN is under the thumb of petty dictators and tyrants who control every major committee and spend the majority of their time ignoring human right violations across the planet while calling out Israel for constant, never ending criticism.


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